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The Mommy Example

I hear all the time from women who do not want to step away from their kids and family in order to do something for themselves. And to be totally honest with you, I think it is a load of crap.

Your children are always watching you. They will “miss” you when you do something else for an hour, yes, but they will get used to it. They will know when it is time for you to go to the gym or to go outside for a walk or run. They thrive on routine.

Your kids can see it in your face when you come back to them after taking the time for yourself. Your smile is bigger, breaths are lighter, your patience has been reset. They feel it. They are glad to see you! They missed you and then they got you back. It is a win-win.

A question I want to encourage you to ask yourself, which kind of example do you want to display? How do you want to show up for yourself and your family? Going for a 10 minute walk makes all the difference.

Create a playlist of your favorite songs, or listen to a podcast that will help you move towards your goals. You get to do it all. Be a woman, a mother, a wife. Let yourself feel seen and heard. You are the only one who can validate yourself. You deserve it. Right now. Just as you are.