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Shame on Shame

There is no shame in feeling shame. Please stop judging yourself.

Consider your story around shame is to be that of a cactus, and you’re hugging it tightly.


I’d like to invite you to put down the cactus.

You’re worthy of putting down the cactus.

I can show you how.

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My Offer For You

Shame is all consuming.

Shame feels hopeless, helpless, inescapable.

The avoidance of shame just strengthens those deep and heavy feelings.
It is impossible to set any goals, to move forward, when you are saddled with shame.

I have created a life changing, comprehensive program to introduce space, love, compassion in order to process and move through the heaviness.

Shame does not have to come along with you, riding shotgun, into 2020.

I’m here for you and your dreams. Shame free.

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It’s Time

I started coach certification in October of 2018. This last year has been a tremendous season of growth in some ways — and with that, the patterns of more-of-the-same have become glaringly obvious; no longer able to be ignored.

In my life, this is neither the first nor third attempt to lose my weight publicly. The growth I’m faced with right now is to set a boundary. I’ve always been an “open book”, and for the first time in my life I’m not only recognizing this about me — but I’m implementing. I am setting the boundary. To honor myself. To take back some privacy. And to do the real work of active healing. It’s been a lot of passive healing as an attempt to “do the impossible” — publicly.

It needed to play out this way so that I could see the pattern and recognize that this way does not work for me. As it has never been the way that works for me. And for me to find the way that will work, must be a totally new-to-me way of doing.

Truthfully, I’m no longer consumed with doubt or fear. Because for the first time in my life I know exactly how to lose weight, and how I will hit my goal of wearing a size 6. The journey is to figure out what I need from myself that has been missing all along. This is part of the “how”. I’m sure there will be more “how’s” that will come to light but being in the vision of this how right now is profound.

With this shift, I am making another change. Weight coaching will still be near and dear to my heart. It may even be something I come back to in the future. I am making a transition.

I am the shame coach. I know shame all too well. I have felt it in many avenues in my life. Weight just being one. I am lit up to create this offer to the coaching world.

Shame is something we are taught. I am setting out to teach the undoing of shame. Because shame is optional. And because life without shame is filled with possibility…

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Over the last year I have become someone completely different, and in some ways — not different at all.

I can see clearly the patterns that have surfaced where I sabotage or resist change. It is fascinating (and terrifying!) to even have this information.

About a month ago, (because of my awesome patterns I want to keep forever), I received this amazing prize from a giveaway my coach friend Simone did where everyone shared their favorite poem. It was awesome! And I love E. E. Cummings’ “I Carry Your Heart” so I threw my hat in the ring. And then randomly won!

I am psyched to have received this awesome book. THANK YOU Simone because it something new for me to bring into my awareness. And I am grateful for it all.

Thanks for your patience as I get out of my own way to do the things I tell myself I will. (How many of you can relate???)

I’m a work in progress, too. And I know that this will be true for life. And it is all good. I love knowing where my next up-level is. And how I imagine that slight change shifts everything else.

When we focus on one small thing, it is as if the tide rolls in — all the boats rise.

One small action has a ripple you can’t imagine, nor predict.

What will yours be today?

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Is it Time to Level Up?

Do you feel like its time to up-level and evolve your relationship with food — and yourself?

For me, I did not realize this was something I could change.

I thought in order me to be any smaller, I had to count calories or have weight loss surgery. And even after I did undergo lap band surgery, I regained the weight.

It was not until I birthed my son 4 years ago yesterday, at a new highest weight, 320, that I felt called to truly resolve this ongoing and lifelong struggle.

And it is remarkable how much has changed within me since then. I am so grateful to myself for taking those truly scary and uncertain steps.

Bet on yourself. You can do this work. With me as your coach and mentor, you will feel supported and unstoppable.

This life is waiting for you. The one you’ve spent your entire life dreaming of.

I know exactly what it is like, because the only difference between you and I is that I went for it.

Are you coming?

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My Beliefs

I believe in a world where women are given their own permission to be authentically themselves 100% of the time.

I believe that women who had bariatric surgery deserve the space to heal from believing about themselves that surgery was and is the only way.

I believe that you are worthy just because you exist in the world.

I believe that you matter.

I believe you are enough.

I believe you can put down the shame.

I believe you can heal emotionally.

And I believe that from this work we would do together, you would THRIVE and weight loss would be a direct byproduct.

And what if all of this were easy? I believe it is!

I’m ready. Are you?

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Weight regain

You are not broken because you regained the weight.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You do NOT MUST feel shame because you regained the weight.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Working with me opens up a lot of doors for you and your life. Many more doors than you even realize.

Are you willing to be wrong about your self-loathing?

For me, I was skeptical at first. But I knew I needed to TRY something — anything.

Turns out you are a way better, nicer person than you have ever let yourself imagine.

Can you feel that relief?

Let’s get to work.