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Connecting with your Body?

A few years ago if you told me all of my answers were within my body, I would have ended the conversation right then.

I chose to have lap band surgery. I decided to gain weight so I could raise my BMI high enough for insurance to cover it. I was so disconnected from my body and my Self because that was all I had practiced for so long.

And when the weight came back I was numb to the deep disappointment I felt. I had anticipated the weight coming back in one way or another. And then when it did, I was full of shame and embarrassment.

The first step I took was the hardest. It was to go back to Weight Watchers for the dozen time. To let Mike pick up Michael from daycare. And go to a meeting near my work on Wednesday nights. I had not lost weight with them before but I was so desperate to find the path that would work for me and I knew someone who did really well with it.

That was the first bravest step I took. I am so grateful to that version of me because The Universe kept showing up as long as I did, too. And all of those steps led me here.

I never gave up and I change my entire life. I was taught new concepts and went within before I knew that was what I was doing. It was the only way that would have opened me to up to my current reality.

The life I live today was the faintest, smallest, most impossible truth I wanted so badly. I am equipped with more knowledge and deep understanding to help anyone see the light.

You are in darkness. You cannot see anything. Let me be the crack of light in the doorway. Know that there is a way out. Pick yourself up. And gather your things. Because you can choose different for yourself.

But you first have to recognize you’re in the dark.

You are a not a lost cause.

You are not hopeless.

You are not unworthy.

Trust that the deepest truth is that this was always meant to be this way. Because your greatest teacher is the most uncommon part of your being. I will show you how and teach you to connect with yourself and your body. And this journey will have been the greatest love story ever told.

Your body is waiting for you to acknowledge it. Your body wants you to see the light. You can do this. I will hold your hand and together we’ll rise.

This is Life After Lap Band.

Message me for more info. and let’s get started. You don’t need to be alone any longer. I got you. 

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I am dropping all expectations of myself. All assumptions that I continue my life the way I always have.

I am releasing the beliefs that I need to lose weight. Because I do not need to change my body at all.

I am letting go of the ideas that I need to be any different than I am right now. Because I already have everything I need in order to help my clients.

In getting really honest with myself, I realized how much I’ve been holding over my head. Keeping me stuck. Simply because that is my pattern.

I am used to having such big goals that I made myself pick up and carry with me. They are so heavy that eventually I am no longer able to breathe.

Because the real truth is that I am the healthiest I have ever been. And my relationship with my body is something I continue to give attention and love to each and every day.

And my clients are making changes in their lives. They are benefitting from the time we spend together. Because I am a damn good coach.

I love my purpose and I let it get “unattainable” in my mind’s eye for a minute. So I’m course correcting.

Because I am creating the healthiest body I can day in and day out.

So as I put these big goals down, I am able to pick up smaller goals that are easier to hold, and because they are more compact – I get to run with them.

Because I want to.

Because I don’t do anything I need to do.

And it is such a gift to myself to be able to know the vision, while focusing on the steps that will lead that way.

Because my success is inevitable. And yours is too.

[This pic was taken in 2016, shout out to the girl that never gave up. She is me.]

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Indecision is the death of all dreams and accomplishments…

Being in limbo about whether or not you should do something is soul-sucking.

We think that deciding one thing decides everything for the rest of time.

It just does not work this way.

AND whatever decisions you make can be undone. Sometimes not easily. But nothing is permanent and nothing is forever. Literally nothing.

And yet, we waffle about whether or not we should go out tonight. Or do the laundry. Or if we should go back to school. Or quit the job.

And we don’t consider what the risk of procrastinating will mean for the other areas of our life and our being in general.

I bet there are a minimum of 5 ways you are just simply not deciding right now. I mean, even I can think of 5 ways in my own life right now.

So, what will it be? Can you trust yourself in the smallest of ways to make the decision that is heavy on your heart right now?

And to build on this skill and create a life that’s aligned with your soul, send me a message. This is about your relationship with you.

Let’s talk. Don’t delay and don’t be unsure. Being indecisive is the energy-drain that has continued on for far too long. And it stops now.

Yes, you can. Yes, you are worthy. Yes, you are enough. Right now. Right this second. Just as you are.

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Weight Loss Dreams after WLS Regain

Just because you had weight loss surgery.

Just because you gained the weight back (and then some).

Does NOT mean that the weight loss dream is dead.

So, let’s resuscitate that bitch.

And bring her back to life.

Because YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT even if all those things are at play.

Your life has only just begun.

Weight loss after weight loss surgery is possible.

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Weight Loss After Weight Loss Surgery is Possible

Weight loss surgery was supposed to be the fix.

By deciding to alter my physical body, it was supposed to change my habits, impulses, and coping mechanisms…

Does that make any sense?

Of course it does not.

There is nothing wrong with you. Gaining the weight back after weight loss surgery is not surprising, or shameful.

The doctors involved do not understand, are not taught about root cause.

So, please be nicer to yourself because society’s expectations are dramatically FLAWED.

Surgery is not the way to lifelong change. It is a band aid. Sometimes people are successful and sometimes they are not.

And even the ones who appear to be successful in their weight loss, may not have their complete mental health either.

We can’t see the way people think. If we could, it would help a lot!

I am an example of what is possible — to lose weight after weight loss surgery, after I had my lap band removed — no revision.

Because weight loss after weight loss surgery is completely possible.

Because you can have the life you’ve always wanted. Your desire did not go away just because you gained the weight back.

I have an exclusive offer to work 1:1 with me to step into the version of you — you always wanted to be. Send me a message to get started.

Because you are not broken and nothing has gone wrong. It is time to look within and I am the loving hand to hold while coaching you to become exactly who you want to be. Weight release. Stress release. Anxiety release. Shame release. We drop it all. And you step into your success.

Weight loss from the inside out. Yes, you can.

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Let’s talk about you and your pursuit of living your best life.

You listen to podcasts and Oprah, watch MarieTV, and have read Rachel Hollis’ books. Maybe you’ve even been to Rise or another conference and made some amazing friends. Perhaps you’ve even joined a group coaching program.

But still, you’re in the patterns you want to change. You’re not even sure how to get started or what to do next. You’re in those giant Facebook groups, and you feel lost in the sea of thousands of other people.

You keep showing up for the gym, and then fall off after several weeks. Some days you drink your water, and other days you don’t.

I get it. I’ve been there. I know how frustrating it can be.

I have created a coaching program to lay the foundation that our favorite thought leaders don’t talk about. Or they mention to just think positive thoughts without any instructions about how to go about doing that.

This program is NOT fluff. We don’t “just think positively.” In fact, it is one-on-one which means you get all of my undivided attention to focus on you and your life. We talk about everything. And I teach you exactly why things are the way they are. And together we work on the foundation of curating the life of your wildest dream. Health, business, relationships — no stone goes unturned. This is the life coaching program to completely up-level your existence. You can have it all. But you can’t just keep reading books and making wishes.

This is the work. With my completely support, you CAN do this. I’ve helped many clients completely transform their lives and I can help you do the same. From anxiety, worry, self-loathing, defeat to victorious, calm, certain, self-love.

This is the ultimate transformation. It is my deepest honor to present you with this tremendous opportunity.

Message me today to set up a free 1-hour Consultation Call. On the call, we talk about why your life is exactly the way it is right now and what you would LOVE your future to look like. If we are a good fit and I know I can help you, I will then make you an offer to get to work in this total transformational program where I teach you exactly the HOW.

This is exactly what you’ve been hoping for. I’m delighted to grant you this wish.

It is my highest and greatest good to introduce you to your highest and greatest good.

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Shame on Shame

There is no shame in feeling shame. Please stop judging yourself.

Consider your story around shame is to be that of a cactus, and you’re hugging it tightly.


I’d like to invite you to put down the cactus.

You’re worthy of putting down the cactus.

I can show you how.

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My Offer For You

Shame is all consuming.

Shame feels hopeless, helpless, inescapable.

The avoidance of shame just strengthens those deep and heavy feelings.
It is impossible to set any goals, to move forward, when you are saddled with shame.

I have created a life changing, comprehensive program to introduce space, love, compassion in order to process and move through the heaviness.

Shame does not have to come along with you, riding shotgun, into 2020.

I’m here for you and your dreams. Shame free.

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It’s Time

I started coach certification in October of 2018. This last year has been a tremendous season of growth in some ways — and with that, the patterns of more-of-the-same have become glaringly obvious; no longer able to be ignored.

In my life, this is neither the first nor third attempt to lose my weight publicly. The growth I’m faced with right now is to set a boundary. I’ve always been an “open book”, and for the first time in my life I’m not only recognizing this about me — but I’m implementing. I am setting the boundary. To honor myself. To take back some privacy. And to do the real work of active healing. It’s been a lot of passive healing as an attempt to “do the impossible” — publicly.

It needed to play out this way so that I could see the pattern and recognize that this way does not work for me. As it has never been the way that works for me. And for me to find the way that will work, must be a totally new-to-me way of doing.

Truthfully, I’m no longer consumed with doubt or fear. Because for the first time in my life I know exactly how to lose weight, and how I will hit my goal of wearing a size 6. The journey is to figure out what I need from myself that has been missing all along. This is part of the “how”. I’m sure there will be more “how’s” that will come to light but being in the vision of this how right now is profound.

With this shift, I am making another change. Weight coaching will still be near and dear to my heart. It may even be something I come back to in the future. I am making a transition.

I am the shame coach. I know shame all too well. I have felt it in many avenues in my life. Weight just being one. I am lit up to create this offer to the coaching world.

Shame is something we are taught. I am setting out to teach the undoing of shame. Because shame is optional. And because life without shame is filled with possibility…

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Over the last year I have become someone completely different, and in some ways — not different at all.

I can see clearly the patterns that have surfaced where I sabotage or resist change. It is fascinating (and terrifying!) to even have this information.

About a month ago, (because of my awesome patterns I want to keep forever), I received this amazing prize from a giveaway my coach friend Simone did where everyone shared their favorite poem. It was awesome! And I love E. E. Cummings’ “I Carry Your Heart” so I threw my hat in the ring. And then randomly won!

I am psyched to have received this awesome book. THANK YOU Simone because it something new for me to bring into my awareness. And I am grateful for it all.

Thanks for your patience as I get out of my own way to do the things I tell myself I will. (How many of you can relate???)

I’m a work in progress, too. And I know that this will be true for life. And it is all good. I love knowing where my next up-level is. And how I imagine that slight change shifts everything else.

When we focus on one small thing, it is as if the tide rolls in — all the boats rise.

One small action has a ripple you can’t imagine, nor predict.

What will yours be today?