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Coaches Gotta (Self) Coach

Coaching is hard work because not only is it a service offered to clients but a good coach actually has to do their own work, too — self-coaching. 

I walk the walk. 

I recognize when my brain is interfering with reality. I have thoughts of doubt, fear, confusion. Sometimes I think a thought is the law and not just bs my head makes up. And once that happens, I get to work.

Circumstances in all of our lives are neutral until we have a thought about it.

Time. Commuting. Work. Family. Toddlers. Friends. Pets. Volunteering. The gym. Money. All of the things.

They are all neutral. 

What excuses are you letting your brain believe? How is your brain keeping you in the cave?

You can do anything you want to. Let go of believing your brain.

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