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I am dropping all expectations of myself. All assumptions that I continue my life the way I always have.

I am releasing the beliefs that I need to lose weight. Because I do not need to change my body at all.

I am letting go of the ideas that I need to be any different than I am right now. Because I already have everything I need in order to help my clients.

In getting really honest with myself, I realized how much I’ve been holding over my head. Keeping me stuck. Simply because that is my pattern.

I am used to having such big goals that I made myself pick up and carry with me. They are so heavy that eventually I am no longer able to breathe.

Because the real truth is that I am the healthiest I have ever been. And my relationship with my body is something I continue to give attention and love to each and every day.

And my clients are making changes in their lives. They are benefitting from the time we spend together. Because I am a damn good coach.

I love my purpose and I let it get “unattainable” in my mind’s eye for a minute. So I’m course correcting.

Because I am creating the healthiest body I can day in and day out.

So as I put these big goals down, I am able to pick up smaller goals that are easier to hold, and because they are more compact – I get to run with them.

Because I want to.

Because I don’t do anything I need to do.

And it is such a gift to myself to be able to know the vision, while focusing on the steps that will lead that way.

Because my success is inevitable. And yours is too.

[This pic was taken in 2016, shout out to the girl that never gave up. She is me.]

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