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Growth in Discomfort

Last week, on an emotional hangover from the women’s retreat I had gone on the weekend prior, I slumped back into old habits.  I was not paying attention to my hunger scale and I was eating for entertainment/boredom/to numb myself, etc.

This morning, though, I realized something. I was trying to feel comfort but I actually was uncomfortable the entire time.

On Thursday I made a huge recognition about what was going on. Then I created a realistic plan for the day and I abandoned any and all judgement I was casting on myself. This was a major breakthrough.

I spent years ignoring my body and had no issues spending the good part of a day just eating. However, knowing and believing now that food only solves hunger – eating without hunger is no longer enjoyable. It does not achieve the same effect it once did.

I woke up today refreshed and ready to truly listen to my body and honor my future self with staying on plan. My question of the week is: How can I end the day feeling accomplished? This will be constantly on my mind today as I remind myself WHY I am not comfortable and choosing the discomfort of not eating instead of the discomfort of eating.  It is simply a season of change inside my body and brain. At this point there is no comfort either way. And that’s okay. 

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