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Identifying the feeling is more than half the battle

For me, now that I know the feeling behind my actions — grief, I am able to figure out the way I need to think so I can create the feelings and actions and results in line with my goals. 

By no means, does that imply I am skipping the rest of this grieving process. I am just able to better understand what I need from myself in order for this process to happen more effectively. 

Over the last 2 years, my inner dialogue has drastically changed — for the most part.  Being compassionate with myself was the first and foremost prominent change that needed to happen so I could change my weight and my life.

Compassion is my “new” process, and what that means is my “old” brain patterns occasionally surface when there is something new that is going on which I have not yet fully recognized or processed.

Because I now understand what is happening, I am able to disarm the thinking via self-talk by taking on compassion about where I am at and interrupting the action. Something like, “you did great today despite everything that went on” or “it was a hard day, you should try to go to bed a little earlier.” 

By acknowledging the reality and offering myself a hug, I am meeting the need that would have otherwise been satisfied by wine and/or snacking.

I love managing my mind. It takes just a few short minutes a day. I am getting all of this done at home with a newborn and a toddler, so trust that time is limited.

And now, I am back to my healthy habits, or “minimums” because I have eliminated the interference.

Today is a good day to move forward with reaching my goals.

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