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Indecision is the death of all dreams and accomplishments…

Being in limbo about whether or not you should do something is soul-sucking.

We think that deciding one thing decides everything for the rest of time.

It just does not work this way.

AND whatever decisions you make can be undone. Sometimes not easily. But nothing is permanent and nothing is forever. Literally nothing.

And yet, we waffle about whether or not we should go out tonight. Or do the laundry. Or if we should go back to school. Or quit the job.

And we don’t consider what the risk of procrastinating will mean for the other areas of our life and our being in general.

I bet there are a minimum of 5 ways you are just simply not deciding right now. I mean, even I can think of 5 ways in my own life right now.

So, what will it be? Can you trust yourself in the smallest of ways to make the decision that is heavy on your heart right now?

And to build on this skill and create a life that’s aligned with your soul, send me a message. This is about your relationship with you.

Let’s talk. Don’t delay and don’t be unsure. Being indecisive is the energy-drain that has continued on for far too long. And it stops now.

Yes, you can. Yes, you are worthy. Yes, you are enough. Right now. Right this second. Just as you are.

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