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Is it Time to Level Up?

Do you feel like its time to up-level and evolve your relationship with food — and yourself?

For me, I did not realize this was something I could change.

I thought in order me to be any smaller, I had to count calories or have weight loss surgery. And even after I did undergo lap band surgery, I regained the weight.

It was not until I birthed my son 4 years ago yesterday, at a new highest weight, 320, that I felt called to truly resolve this ongoing and lifelong struggle.

And it is remarkable how much has changed within me since then. I am so grateful to myself for taking those truly scary and uncertain steps.

Bet on yourself. You can do this work. With me as your coach and mentor, you will feel supported and unstoppable.

This life is waiting for you. The one you’ve spent your entire life dreaming of.

I know exactly what it is like, because the only difference between you and I is that I went for it.

Are you coming?

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