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Lap Band Removed

I had my lap band removed in 2017. No revision.

My surgeon must have asked me 1,000 times plus a dozen on the day of the procedure, if I wanted to reconsider and have a revision.

I mean, I guess he wanted to help me the way he knows how.

It felt terrible in the realization that my weight was the same as it was on the day it was placed in 2010 — 292 lbs.

I had lost 60 lbs that first year and my weight slowly crept back up.

During my first pregnancy in 2015, my weight climbed to 320 lbs.

As a new mom, I was desperate to figure out a way to lose the weight for good and not count calories, or points. To just live. The way other people do. And not feel out of control around food.

I started to consider that I was wrong about all of the self-loathing going on inside my head. I was wrong about my worth. I was wrong about what kind of mother I wanted to be.

The band was a terrible way of life for me. I think there were about a dozen meals total that I made it through without having to excuse myself throughout the entire 7 years I had it. (And if you had the band, you know what I mean.)

And after a year or so of practicing a very introductory, quiet and muted version of self-love, I decided I liked myself too much to keep the band.

So when the doctor kept asking me over and over if I was sure I did not want a revision — I really was NOT sure at the time — but I had a tiny bit of compassion for myself mixed with determination to figure this out for once and for all.

When I was in high school, as the tallest girl, with the loudest laugh, and the most uncomfortable out of everyone, I vowed to myself that once I figured out this weight issue, I was going to teach it to the world.

Well, world, I have figured it out. And I am ELATED to teach you about it. To break the chains and lose this weight.

I’m down 60 lbs. I have 100 lbs to go to get to my goal weight. I have regained about 15 lbs over the past month. This experience of regain has taught me SO MUCH about what I am teaching. The shame cycle is sitting right next to me ready to go. But the shame cycle is NOT going to get me to goal. You already know that, too.

I love these human brains of ours. Let’s do this together.

Iโ€™m offering FREE coaching to a limited number of women who have had weight loss surgery.

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๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ Please share with anyone you know who has had weight loss surgery and are struggling with regain.

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