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McDonald’s & Weight Loss

I have recently found myself in a pattern with my weight loss. I drop 5 lbs and then spin in those 5 lbs for 2-3 weeks before being able to drop down another 5 lbs and so on and so forth.

I know weight loss is not linear. But it is interesting to find myself in this very specific pattern.

I also know that it is because I sometimes find myself not fully believing or being able to visualize my body as a size 8. [This speaks to my coaching style and if you’re intrigued, message me.]

It would be easy for me to find fault with myself and see the negativity, see that this will “never happen” for myself. And if that was my point of view, I would be right!

Here’s the thing — the last 2 days this week (and on plan for day 3, too) is McDonald’s. Yes, it is not healthy. No, it is not my favorite thing to eat. It is just where I am at right now. Some of you may not even be able to admit that aloud. [I feel you. Message me.]

But! I let go of the judgement, the self-imposed pressure of what I “should” be eating in order to lose weight. No judgement. I just listened to my body according to hunger and satiety, and I lost weight. I lost weight eating McDonald’s two days in a row. I did not eat too much. I ate just enough.

So, I met myself where I am. Somedays it is eating a salad. Somedays it is McDonald’s. Being in tune with myself is enough for me to trust that I can ask of myself something reasonable. No pressure. No questioning. No resentment.

If this approach sounds like something you’re missing in your own life, send me a message and we’ll set up a free mini session.

I teach women how to trust themselves and their bodies and I am looking forward to hearing all about your own success and how you’ve met yourself where you are — and still gotten the overall desired results.

One thought on “McDonald’s & Weight Loss

  1. I can identify with your dilemma. My husband and I eat out almost every lunch. For me it’s 2 small hamburgers and a side salad with mayo. Not sure it helps with weight loss but helps to keep reduce my sugar.
    And Burger King and Wendy’s all have the same offerings.

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