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Stay at home mom: A new frontier

I have taken to writing while standing at the island in my kitchen. I am standing because if I ever get “too comfortable” someone inevitably needs something almost immediately. Seriously. Yes, my life is run by a toddler and a newborn. Such an adventurous time in my life never quite knowing what to expect next — except one thing for certain is there will be chaos.

So, here I stand — from my island — able to see right into the living room, and exactly what the toddler and newborn are doing. And it feels almost like a prison tower. Almost like I have authority (hahaha) and almost like I call the shots of our day to day lives.

But if you have ever been in my shoes, you know any thoughts like this are a complete sham. But I’ll keep thinking like this even though I do realize this is simply never going to ring true.

Someday I will be able to work again in quiet, at a desk, seated. Or any other which way I would like to get my thoughts out. Because they will be in school, living their own life, so I’ll be able to live my own life, too — at least for a few hours a day, anyway.

And until then, here I stand. Not all that comfortable but able to move my life forward word by word, while my real bosses dump out the legos again and are ready for another bottle…

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