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Transformation Tuesday

2/2/17 : My 30th birthday. Approx 1.5 years postpartum and approx down 30 lbs from my highest weight. Finding my courage, bravery, self-love, compassion. Trying to branch out and feel confident. Trying to feel like I had my own back. Mostly unsure of myself. Mostly lost. Just barely listening to my really quiet inner voice.

Today : Age 32. Down 67 lbs. 7 months postpartum for the 2nd time. Feeling amazing. I trust myself, love myself, show myself compassion and allow my humanness to be just that. Not make it mean anything that does not serve me. I take amazing care of myself, and my family. My inner voice gets louder and louder with every passing month. Finding my outer voice. Creating a business that will teach other woman how to believe in themselves, too. LOVING MY LIFE.

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