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When did you stop trusting yourself?

For me, it was in middle school. I was always the “class clown” and would pretty much do anything for a laugh. That ended up in me getting removed from the classroom more than once. And that was when I stopped trusting myself. Still needed to get that laugh. Though, it was out of integrity for me to misbehave like that.

Learning how to trust myself again has been the journey. I know what my long term goals are. I know what I need to do. “Sacrifice” the instant gratification for getting exactly what I want. And re-wiring my brain in the process. It is tedious but can anyone tell me it is not worth it? (Even if they could, I would not believe them!)

You have permission to trust yourself.

You have permission to know what is right for yourself.

You have permission to follow through with this information any which way makes the most sense to you.

Let’s set up a call so you can meet yourself again. This internal relationship with yourself is the most important one in your entire life. You are first a woman before mother, wife, daughter. We get lost in the middle somewhere. Let’s find you again.

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