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Weight Loss Surgery — Lap Band: Fail & Re-gain.

I had Weight Loss Surgery. I was 23. I was desperate to find the thing that was going to change me into an entirely different person, and most importantly — thin. I had to also be entirely different because I knew deep down that someone else (NOT me) would be worthy of living their life that way. Definitely not me.

Full Stop.

I want to be really clear about something. You — yes, you! — are worthy of every single thing your heart desires right now. I can already tell you don’t believe me. But I must insist this point to be absolutely true.

You are worthy of — and deserve — every single thing your heart desires right now.


I was 292 lbs when I was 23. I had to gain weight to get my surgery approved by the insurance company. I lost 60 lbs within that first year. I hit 232 lbs. And then I figured out how to eat the way I wanted to — the way I knew how to, the way I had missed for that year or so.

After all, healthy food was getting stuck all the time anyway! I might as well just eat something I know won’t be an issue because I am tired of getting up multiple times during a meal to excuse myself so I can throw up.

Yes, this was my life. And if you have had WLS too, you may be awfully familiar with my story.


Once I had my son in 2015, I freaked. If I continued on my current trajectory, how am I going to show up as a mom? How did I WANT to show up as a mom? What did I want my life to look like? So. Many. Questions. And I had all the answers about how I did NOT want my life to look.

I knew I had to figure out how to have my own back. How to love myself — even through all of the “but’s” I had. What did it look like for me to be able to trust myself? To make a decision and stick with it. To do something for myself that I never before, not once, had ever done for myself — until now.

After ignoring my band for as long as I could — 7 years, I made peace with letting it go. By this time I had built up enough trust and love in myself that I knew I could handle making this major decision — this weight loss surgery reversal; to have my lap band removed.


I am in unchartered territory now. Losing weight. What are the statics about people who have failed weight loss surgery? Not good, I would bet. But that is not stopping me — nor does it even matter. I KNOW in my heart 100% that my life is my own, and that I will lose the rest of my weight.

I am inviting you to join me. We can figure this out together. I already have every single tool I need. I can teach them to you, too.


Love yourself enough to join me.


I have two options: private one-on-one coaching and group coaching in a Facebook group.

Let’s Get Started!

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