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Weight Loss Surgery made me paranoid

I could never eat a true meal in public. Not without embarrassing myself – or the people I was out with. Especially my husband when we first met and were dating.

So, I would play it safe in public. Some soup. Maybe some crackers. A hot tea.

And then I would get home and be starving. I would eat my “normal” meal at home by myself. This would normally be McDonald’s or pizza. And I had to be strategic in the ways I would go about eating.

My brain was excellent at problem solving. And still is.

The Lap Band effected so much more than my waist line. Coaching brought me back into living my life intentionally. Reminding my brain how I actually want to spend time and what I want to be thinking about. And now circling back around, helping to problem solve for you and our community.

Because I know what it is like. All of it. The shame. The struggle. The turmoil.

Life does not need to be this way. What would you rather be doing? Let’s get started.

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