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Why Bariatric Surgery?

It is not up to me to tell you if weight loss surgery is right for you. Only you know your answer for that. But what coaching offers is space to consider and questions to get you thinking about all of those questions.

Something that is often overlooked.

I did not actually take a time to consider how it felt to be in my life until someone asked me – what do you think about that?

Really take a breath. Consume what you are reading. Think. Feel. Decide how you want to think and feel.

Consider your own answers to these questions:

  • Why did you have bariatric surgery? -or- Why do you want to have bariatric surgery?
  • What are you making it mean about you that you __(fill in your previous answer)___?
  • How does it feel when you think you are going to have surgery? -or- that you did have surgery?
  • Was your weight loss maintainable? Why or why not?
  • Have you ever been able to lose weight? If so, why has that weight loss not been sustainable?

Consider that society tells us weight loss is an external job. Just buy this shake, exercise like a dog, punish yourself in at least 4 different ways simultaneously, behave better – no, not like that, feel terrible even when you are obedient, feel even worse when you rebel, etc. etc. etc.

What if there was nothing wrong with you? Or the way you look?

What if the only thing that was wrong was the way you were making yourself feel because of the way you speak to yourself?

What if that is the root? What if that does not get sold in the shape of a pill or a powder or a peloton bike?

What if that is the only work you have to do in this world?

What would be possible for you? Would you change the way you think about yourself? Would you offer yourself emotional freedom? Would you have the surgery?

Leave yourself some room to consider these questions. And if you like your reasons, you’re golden.

Until next time…

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