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A little more about me…

When I was 320 lbs, after gaining my weight back post-Weight Loss Surgery, I did not believe I would ever get a handle on food.

I did not know how to manage myself. I did not have any idea that there would be a way to lose weight. I absolutely did not want to ever count calories, or anything else. I felt helpless. I felt dismissed. I thought of myself as a lost cause.

It felt awful. I hated myself so much. I hated my life. And I ate to deal with everything life offered me. I used to assume people did not care what I had to say because I was fat.

I felt so much shame because I gained the weight back. Because nothing changed after bariatric surgery.

So when I tell you I know this struggle, I really know this struggle.

That is why I am doing this work. Because there is another way to live. If you want to finally lose the weight without fear, panic, worry.

Because I am living this life.

I dropped all of that limiting crap I used to tell myself every day — habitually.

I do not tolerate certain behavior anymore.

You can lose the weight, and gain emotional freedom. Just because you want to. You do not need a diagnosis to change your life. You can just decide you’ve had enough of the current life experience you are having. Let’s try on another way to live and be in the world.

Start trusting yourself now. To change. This decision does not need to be hard. And you can make it because you want to LOVE yourself for the first time.

I offer healing. Love. Peace. For you. From yourself. You can do this.

Message me today. You are worthy of more. You know you are.

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