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Over the last year I have become someone completely different, and in some ways — not different at all.

I can see clearly the patterns that have surfaced where I sabotage or resist change. It is fascinating (and terrifying!) to even have this information.

About a month ago, (because of my awesome patterns I want to keep forever), I received this amazing prize from a giveaway my coach friend Simone did where everyone shared their favorite poem. It was awesome! And I love E. E. Cummings’ “I Carry Your Heart” so I threw my hat in the ring. And then randomly won!

I am psyched to have received this awesome book. THANK YOU Simone because it something new for me to bring into my awareness. And I am grateful for it all.

Thanks for your patience as I get out of my own way to do the things I tell myself I will. (How many of you can relate???)

I’m a work in progress, too. And I know that this will be true for life. And it is all good. I love knowing where my next up-level is. And how I imagine that slight change shifts everything else.

When we focus on one small thing, it is as if the tide rolls in — all the boats rise.

One small action has a ripple you can’t imagine, nor predict.

What will yours be today?

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